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A Unique Network in Algarve

For travellers seeking the authenticity of the places they visit through food.
For those concerned about the origin of products and recognize the value of gastronomy as a means of socializing, as a space for sharing life with others.

We only look for authentic experiences curated by local chefs, passionate farmers and culinary experts deeply rooted in the soil.
Therefore, we personally find, visit and pick our experience makers in order to establish a solid partnership based on mutual trust and a common vision of sustainable tourism in Algarve.

We strive to preserve ancient traditions and spread the Algarve food heritage all over the world.
We are committed to support small businesses, especially young rural entrepreneurs who are passionate about preserving cultural heritage and producing high-quality foods. Our goal is to give value to seasonal products and to defend regional artisan production.
That’s not just technology, that’s boots on the ground!

Algarve Food Experience