Orange Farm visits in Silves food tour

Winter in Algarve, for food lovers.

on September 28, 2019

The Algarve is not just a sun-beach destination. Surprisingly, winter is the best period to delve deeper into our Gastronomy and Traditions.

Best of Algarve culinary and farm activities to discover during the winter and spring time

Although the image of the Algarve is still so inevitably linked to summer holidays, the true is that the period from October to May offers the unique opportunity to learn more about the everyday life of people who, with passion and dedication, cultivate the land, create quality products and spend their days taking care of their animals.

Picking, Fermenting and Distilling Medronho in Monchique hills

Medronho Fermentation

Medronho Fermentation in Algarve

From picking medronho berries in the hills of Monchique from late October to the beginning of December,  through Fermentation and Distillation during the winter months. Enjoy a guided walk through a Medronho and Cork tree forest up to Picota and admire the breathtaking views from the highest point in the Algarve. Immerse yourself in the gastronomy of Monchique, famous for its cold cuts, chouriços and firewaters. This food tour is running every Friday in partnership with the oldest black pork factory in town and a local guide.

Click on this link to book the “Monchique Hills Food & Farm Tour

If you are interested in going deeper into all the stages of Medronho, read this informative article from the Municipality of “Marmelete”, a tiny village perched on the hills of Monchique, always linked to the harvesting and processing of medronho fruits.

A visit to an orange farm and a walking food tour Silves

Orange Farm visit in Silves

An informative, tasty and funny experience to get to know directly from the farmer, all the secrets of citrus cultivation, its properties, varieties, challenges and knowledge behind this family run business.

The orange farm tour is followed by a walking food tour in Silves, the old capital of the arab kingdom which has ruled for several centuries and left indelible marks on the culture, architecture and gastronomy of this interesting medieval village.

The tour is available from December to May, every Wednesday.

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A guided tour on E-Bikes to discover the "Barrocal", the most inland and rural side of the Algarve

Cycling in Rural Algarve

This is a quite unique guided tour offered during winter months, from October to April. E-bikes are the greenest and also the most effective way to appreciate the beauty of Algarve countryside, with its rolling hills and hidden lakes only accessible through small roads and country walks.

To book this tour follow this link: E-Bikes Guided Tour of Inland Algarve

Picnics de charme en plain air, immerse in rural Algarve

best winter festival in Algarve

The Festival “Comida Esquecida”, literally meaning “Forgotten Food Festival”, is a brand new project running during the winter and spring months in Algarve, offering the unique opportunity to visit and immerse yourself in the very authentic rural areas, tasting delicious food outdoors on a green meadow, surrounded by cork, fig and carob trees or enjoying a sensorial experience called “Momentum”.

The first picnic is planned for the 19th of October near Sao Marcos da Serra and you can buy the tickets here.

To know more about the full program, visit the official page of the Festival here: “Comida Esquecida: Next Events”

Jazz in a wine cellar

Jazz in a wine cellar Silves

Jazz in a wine cellar Silves

“Jazz in the Wine Cellars” is back in the Algarve for another season of great music and wine. The last dates for 2019 of this event, combining jazz&wine will have the next stops in Silves on November the 9th (at 21h00) and on November the 10th (at 17h00), at the unique setting of Convento do Paraíso in Silves, Quinta de Mata-Mouros (view map here).

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A cooking class in Faro, to learn the secrets of the "Cataplana"

Cataplana Algarve

Cataplana Algarve

The most iconic pot of the region, with its unique “clam”shape, offering the best way to keep aromas and flavors while cooking the fish and seafood. Learn with a local chef how to choose the best ingredients at the market and cook and taste a real Cataplana in a beautiful restaurant in the old city center of Faro.

Every Thursday, check availabilities and book here