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The most valuable books about Portuguese Gastronomy (with an english version)

on February 17, 2019

Seven books about portuguese gastronomy from real experts

In the last 15 years, many books have been published about Portuguese gastronomy, probably too many. Only few of them are a result of in-depth work and real knowledge of the subject.

Here we mention six books of great value, for the author’s passion and detailed knowledge of the subject.


1) Algarve Mediterranico by Maria Manuel Valagão, Vasco Célio e Bertílio Gomes

Algarve Mediterranico Book

Algarve Mediterranico Book

This is not just a book about recipes. It is the result of a years long research about life, traditions and agriculture in the Algarve region. It goes deep into the heart of every ingredient used in the most traditional recipe, the way it was produced, prepared and finally cooked. This is a valuable resource for any food lover but also any chef who wants to be inspired by the past to create something new for the future. You can buy the english version of the book here





2) Cozinha Tradicional Portuguesa by Maria de Lourdes Modesto

5 interesting books about portuguese food

The golden book of traditional, country popular portuguese cooking. 8oo recipes,

The author was the main character of a successful TV show in the late 60’s, much before the massification changed everything. The scope is unbelievable,

If you want to know how to cook one particular portuguese dish, the original recipe is here.

It is a difficult one to find, not always available in book stores or online stores. It contains many recipe “gems” from both the continent and the Azores islands. You can buy the english version here:



3) The Taste of Portugal by Edite Vieira

Edite Vieira provides a lively commentary that puts the food into its cultural and historical context and is an absolute delight to read. The Taste of Portugal gives a wonderfully rounded picture of this robust and fascinating cuisine, with its bread-heavy soups, its salt cod and fish dishes, its high-flavored stews (in one well-known dish, combining pork and clams), its game and its extravagantly sweet desserts, rich with eggs. You can buy the english version of the book here:

4) The Portuguese Travel Cookbook by Nelson Carvalheiro

The book is a collection of stories about the people, the places, the villages and ingredients which make Portuguese food so unique. A praise to fishermens, farmers and producers enhanced by a number of beautiful and inspiring pictures.

You can buy the english version of the book here:

5) The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal

Cowritten by Catavino’s own Gabriella Opaz and Sonia Andresson Nolasco, The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal weaves the full tapestry of Northern Portugal’s culinary heritage through the life and food stories of the region’s most iconic food market–Bolhão Market.  You can buy the english version of the book here


6) The New Portuguese Table by David Leite

A passionate approach to Portuguese cooking. There are plenty of recipes that don’t call for too many hard-to-find ingredients, and that still have a good flair of something new. We like how Leite took some perhaps complicated dishes and made them friendly and fresh for newcomers to Portuguese cuisine. The photos are wonderful and a big asset to the book.

You can buy the english version of the book here:

7) Lives and Voices: The Sea and the Fish

“Lives and Voices: the Sea and the Fish” is a huge tribute to one of the most important national heritage: the Sea. For thousands of years, the Algarve coast has been a reference for those travelling in the Mediterranean. For the people who lived in this far western European, it was the scene of cultural exchange, the creation of legends, but also a privileged source of fishing, with great diversity and quality of fish. Times and geographical conditions have produced here unique communities and men of the sea.

With their work, joys and sorrows, these populations have built ways of life and subsistence, developed practices of conservation and culinary processing of fish, giving rise to a maritime gastronomic heritage of strong territorial identity. From the contact with these populations, the desire to know better their reality, their sea and their fish was born: the lives and voices of this Algarve inspired Maria Manuel Valagão, Nídia Braz and Vasco Célio to transmit all this vast knowledge. ”

You can buy the english version of the book here:

Vida E vozes do Mar e do Peixe


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