Dried Figs from Algarve

Algarve At Home: A collection of Gourmet Products to order online

on March 24, 2020

Are you eager to sample Algarvian gourmet products in the comfort of your home? Well, this is the ultimate guide for the best food shopping.

An Accurate Selection of the Finest Products from the Algarve, available for online shopping.

We carefully selected 11 products of excellence from the Algarve, available for online shopping, from the renowned extra virgin olive oil, to lesser known but no less appreciated, dried fruits and preserves of the highest level.

Monte Rosa - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Best Olive Oil in Algarve

Olive oil produced from 5 different varieties perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate of the Algarve. Each one has very distinct characteristics, producing oils that due to their differences of fruitiness, bitterness and pepperiness are perfect for harmonizing culinary specialties.

Produced in Moncarapacho.

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Quinta dos Sentidos Verjus - Tart grape-based condiment 250 ml

Verjus Quinta dos Sentidos

A single variety verjus, a tart, fresh, non-alcoholic juice made from unripe Tinta Caiada grapes. Pale yellow colour. Fresh, almost bubbly, with a delicate, sweet-tart ringing acidity and citric flavours.

Produced near Silves.

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Convento do Paraiso Red Wine

Best Red Wine in Algarve

Deep red with purple streaks. Great aromatic impact with dark blackberries, spices, dark chocolate and smoke notes, well integrated wood. In the mouth is round and well structured with good tannins and good acidity. Long and juicy finish.

Produced in Silves.

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Carob, Almond and Milk spread from Carob World

Caro and Almond spread made in Algarve

Forget Nutella, this is much better.

The Carob Cream with Almond and Milk is a refined fusion of the best flavours of the Mediterranean and the delicateness of the milk.
These two fruits typical of the Mediterranean are rich in contrasts, with both strong and gentle flavours, and they have an irresistible natural sweetness. With skill and passion, Carob World’s Masters have refined the method of preparation until they achieve the perfection of a delicate cream that overflows with the flavour of carob and almond.

Produced near Faro.

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Luxury Canned Fish

Canned fish from Algarve

A homemade mixture of shredded fish and vegetables, seasoned with spices, lemon juice and olive oil.

Using products from the Algarve, these “Petiscadas”, or canned fish, are produced using only artisanal methods.

They are an excellent aperitif to accompany with a glass of wine, or for the more creative the basis for an intense meal in flavours!

Produced in Portimao. Next time you visit the Algarve and want to discover the fascinating world of Portuguese Canned Fish, take our Evening Food&Wine Tour, for an informative, tasty and funny afternoon with Paulo.

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Coffret Bees in Tube from "Serra Algarvia"

Honey from Algarve

Did you know that Honey contains proteins, various minerals and vitamins? And that Honey Water (AguaMel) has antioxidant properties? What about pollen? It is a natural fortifier that prevents bacterial infections, combats premature aging among other benefits. Discover the world of our Portuguese bees with this beautiful coffret including honey, polen and aguamel produced in the hills bihind Faro!

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Tavira - Flowers of Salt

Flower of Salt Algarve

Flor de sal is the Portuguese fleur de sel, the flower of salt. This salt comes to us from Rui Simeão a producer in the Ria Formosa area. Their flor de sal is collected by hand using special tools that skim the surface of the salt pan to collect the thin layer of salt “flower” that forms on top of the water as the water evaporates.

Flor do sal is prized for its small grains, lightly crunchy texture and balanced, briny flavor. This flor de sal is certified by the French environmental organization Nature et Progres to be free of the industrial contaminants sometimes found in mechanically harvested sea salt.

Produced in Tavira.

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Algarve Almond Butter with fig and cinnamon

Algarve Almond Butter

Almond with skin (raw), fig and cinnamon

Gluten free / lactose free / no additional oils or sugars. Dehydrated fig and cinnamon powder are just the ingredients added to this butter, and the result? It’s even sweeter!

It’s hard for the whole family not to like it! Perfect for vegans.

Produced in Aljezur.

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Sweet Potato Liquor

Best liquors in Algarve

Only in Aljezur this sweet potatoe can fulfil the requirements to be produced in “inimitable” conditions. In 2009, the association that represents the Aljezur producers was granted PGI certification.

You can try this delicious flavor in a soft liquor created by a family run distillery in Silves, Sabores do Algarve. Also available in a stronger version as a spirit.

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Muxama da Real Conserveira

Muxama do Algarve

This exceptional Muxama da Real Conserveira is made of dry and salty tuna loins, with a rigid consistency and smooth texture. It is a product made with the same recipe that the Phoenicians and Romans made two thousand years ago using the “best salt in the world”, the one from Castro Marim. The term comes from the Arabic musama, which means “dry”. It results from an ancient way of processing fish, using tuna loins, which are passed through coarse salt and then washed to remove the excess salt. It then consists of salting and then drying the noble parts of the tuna in a controlled environment and temperature. It is said to be a kind of sea cured ham. Produced in Castro Marim.

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Lemon Curd by Horta de Sao Bruno

Lemon Curd from Algarve

Production in small series / quantities, only with seasonal fruit, exclusively produced in Horta de São Bruno, Silves, which makes this lemon curd and its jams have a unique taste.

Delicate and tasty, it is perfect as a filling for croissants or homemade cakes.

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We sincerely hope with this article to bring the unique flavors and traditions of the Algarve to your homes, anywhere in the world.


Gloria Dall’Orto