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Best Fish of the Algarve to your Door

on January 10, 2021

Here we go again…

Unfortunately, we are once again going through a phase of increasing measures to contain Covid-19, and at this time of writing, at least 13 municipalities in the Algarve will be enforcing the obligation to stay at one’s home from 1 pm on weekends. Avoiding stress and contributing to unnecessary crowds, we can take advantage of the convenience of the many online home delivery services that many businesses have committed to since the beginning of 2020, in order to maintain their relationship with the customers.



Here are some of the options we have tested for buying fish and shellfish at home, making sure we keep on bringing to the table this authentic treasure chest that is the Algarve with its coasts. In keeping with our vocation, which is to give maximum prominence to the best quality and 0 km products, sourced in a way that is as sustainable as possible for the Ocean and for the people working in the business, primarily the fishermen, but also the retailers in the fisheries and small retail shops, we present you with a number of alternatives to choose from. Find out who, how, and where to order fresh fish to your door.


The Portuguese word ”Cabaz” means hamper. AAPF, the association of Fuseta’s small fishing boat owners that carry out artisanal fishing activities in the coastal area of Sotavento in the Algarve(the part of the shore between Faro, Olhão, and Tavira),  has developed ‘Cabaz FrescoMar’,  a service of fresh fish delivery service.

In order to improve their fishing activity, the associated fishermen have organized themselves with
Cabaz-Fresco MAR” for the online sale of humpers, which is aimed at all those who want to comfortably order fresh fish without leaving home. Simply log on to or call (+351) 289147223 to place your order.

”Cabaz FrescoMar” provides two options: order a 3kg or 5kg fish hamper. Of course, in order to maintain a competitive price and to be sustainable, the content of the hamper cannot be chosen, as the catch varies according to season. You can indicate three types of fish that you absolutely do not want to be delivered, but it is clearly stated that 1/3 of the weight of the cabaz will be represented by the so-called ”simple fish”, i.e. less known types of fish that some would erroneously define as ”less valuable”.
We believe that this is not only a sustainable choice for the balance of fish species in the sea and for the economy of fishermen, but also an intelligent option that allows us to really get to know the varieties of native fish, respecting seasonality, an essential quality in consumer choices.

The service is only available in Faro, Olhão, and Tavira councils, where it is possible to receive home delivery, or you can go directly to the association’s physical office in Fuzeta to collect your cabaz in person, previously ordered online. It is possible to purchase a one-off service, as well as to subscribe to the service at a frequency that best suits your needs.
We rate the quality/price ratio of the “Cabaz FrescoMar” service as very satisfactory.

PEIXE A PORTA delivery

A second great alternative for ordering fresh fish and shellfish to door is the “Peixe a Porta” service by Nutrifresco, a leader in the Algarve, based in Albufeira, in the distribution of high-quality fish, shellfish, and frozen food to restaurants and hotels.
The novelty lies in the commercial choice of targeting a ”retail” market segment, i.e. the final consumer.
You can place your order choosing from a very wide variety of fresh fish, caught the night before with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of placing the order online.
You can feast your eyes on and make your choice: you can order a certain quality of fish, shellfish (clams, shrimps, squids etc..) or frozen fish with free delivery above 25 euros or you can choose from the various types of ”cabaz” on offer.
Similar to Cabaz ‘FrescoMar’, ”Peixe a Porta” does not allow to choose the individual species of fish, as they vary from time to time depending on the season and weather conditions (if we consider ”marisco” there will be fewer problems with availability, while there are no limitations in the case of frozen fish). ”Peixe a porta” service allows you to choose between different types of humpers so that you can order the type of fish that best suits your palate: Cabaz SIMPLES, Cabaz PLUS, Cabaz GASTRONOMICO, Cabaz SEM ESPINHAS, Cabaz da RIA etc…In our opinion, the offer of the ‘Peixe a’ Porta’ service is very diversified to meet the needs of a more demanding client, with a high degree of customization, as well as proven product quality. To place your order and explore the complete offer click here. The service is guaranteed throughout the Algarve.



Finally, we would like to point out a number of local fish shops who deliver fish and shellfish to your door, broken down by area of activity/delivery, so that you can choose the one closest to you.




  • Peixaria Cristovão e Coelhos Lda,
    Head office at Mercado Municipal de Faro
    Timetable ORDERS: 8.00-20.00
    Timetable DELIVERIES: 10.00-17.00
    Tlm. (+351) 933813750




  • Peixaria ARADEORDERS by email: peixaria.arade@gmail.comMobile: (+351) 968865701
  • Peixaria SAGRESHead Office at Mercado Municipal de PortimãoDyon Lot 964 150 402


Portimão & PARCHAL


  • Peixaria C.C. MARHead Office at Mercado Municipal de PortimãoOrders @ Mobile: (+351) 914215047 (Rui)
  • Peixaria Zona BuefishHead office at Municipal Market of PortimãoOrders @ Mobile: (+351) 96327 244 (Ricardo)

The above-mentioned fish shops and dealers offer home delivery of fish and shellfish by prior order and make payment possible by bank transference, MB way, or cash.
They may reserve the right to request payment in advance.
We recommend that you inquire in advance about the method of payment and ask if there is an extra charge for delivery to your home.


Besides the tips we’d like to provide, we strongly recommend you to choose seasonal produce and get familiar with fish seasonality, avoiding to buy fish coming from the other side of the world, or intensively farmed with synthetic feeds and antibiotics that are extremely harmful to our health and unsustainable for the balance of the oceans and the marine species that inhabit them. If you want to explore the best fish of Algarve and taste in the local ”tascas”, join us on our ”Fisherman Food Tour” or offer a Certificate to relatives and friends (Gift Voucher are valuable for 3 years).













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