Organic Farmers in Algarve

Where to buy organic food in Algarve directly from the farmers

on October 12, 2019

Organic farmers in Algarve. Where and when to get fresh and tasty products in Algarve directly from the farmers.

Where and When to buy bio and organic fruit and vegetables in Algarve directly from the farmers

Last Update: 14.05.2020

Organic Farming in Algarve

We re-post an excerpt of a interesting article from the Magazine ECO123  about the status quo of certified organic agriculture in Algarve to get a better overview of latest trends and improvements in chemicals-free production in Algarve.

What does organic agriculture consist of? ECO123 discovered that it is based on not interfering with the structure of the land and the animal life there. Ploughing is avoided. It uses no nitrates, which would also have a harmful effect on the water as a result of leaching. Only manure from animals fed on organic pasture is used. Copper and sulphur are permitted if used in a controlled manner. We came across producers who have different positions on this issue. Read the full article here

Here is our selection of reliable sources of fresh and organic produce in Algarve



Quinta do Vale da Lama (LAGOS)

Organic Farming in Lagos

Organic Farming in Lagos

You can order your basket on-line here:


If you want to visit the fields and the beautiful Quinta, there is a shop open to public every morning from Monday to Friday.

Address and directions here

Citrus BOX

Best Oranges in Algarve

The Best Oranges in Algarve from Silves

Delicious and organic Cirtrus Fruit from Silves, delivered at home within 48 hours, everywhere in Algarve at a very reasonable price.

It is possible to place a single order (more expensive) or subscribe to a 1, 2 o 3 times a month delivery service. Great value for money and incredible fresh oranges, hand-picked at the perfect juice rate.

You can order your Citrus Box here


Organic Product in Silves

Every Tuesdays and Fridays Afternoon or any other day of the week pre-ordering your basket on-line at:

Poço Fundo – 8300-000 Silves
Tel. 969 079 374 e-mail:

Address and directions here:

Convent'Bio (Lagoa)

Organic Farm in Lagoa

Organic Farm in Lagoa

Open Everyday in the shop at Convento do Carmo in  Sítio do Carmo, EN 125

8400-405 Lagoa. Directions here

They also offer the chance to order a basket of weekly products on-line.

Check their on-line catalogue here

Maria Flaminga (TAVIRA)

Organic Farm in Tavira

Organic Farm in Tavira

Mon 09:00 – 14:00
Tue 09:00 – 14:00
Wed 09:00 – 14:00
The 9:00 – 14:00
Fri 09:00 – 17:00
Sat 09:00 – 14:00
Sun Closed

Directions here

Quinta Seis Marias (Near Lagos)

Organic Farming near Lagos

Organic Farming near Lagos

The grocery is open every Thursday and Friday, all day long.

A wide range of organic vegetables and fruits available at the farm all year round. More information about the Quinta and their commitment to quality in this article.

Directions here

Tel: +351 916 704 894

Open air Bio Market (Portimao)

In Portimão, there is a weekly market, every Saturday Morning in the Praça 1º de Dezembro. (Largo)

Directions here

Quinta da Fornalha (Castro Marim)

Quinta da Fornalha Algarve

Directions here

Tlm: 917107147  /  919889366

Dias de Aromas (Estoi, near Faro)

Aromatic Herbs in Algarve

A world of scents, colours and flavours. An essential stop for those who live in the Algarve or visit it on holiday. A tour of aromatic herbs that will amaze you with the beauty of its cultivation and overwhelm all your senses.

Take home fresh herbs, edible flowers and many delicacies, all produced organically, without the use of pesticides.

Open every day from 9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

If you like to take a tour, book in advance at:

If you know of any other farm based in Algarve, selling their products directly at the farm, write us at