Salt Harvest with Sunset Tasting of Seafood & Wine

A timeless visit of flavours and senses



The caviar of the poor; on the table it intensifies flavours, in the pantry it preserves the pork, in the field it's.... the salt of every day! The sound of water, the splashing of instruments, the chirping of birds, the work of of the salt workers in their cadenced movements in small salt pans... This is the invitation we extend to you. To share an adventure in a timeless space... where Man has been gathering salt for millennia: The Salt Marshes of Castro Marim. Book Online Now


The ''Armazém''

The ''Armazém''

Jorge will explain why the salt farms are located in the South, the interaction between tides, moon phases and respect for the surrounding nature and its rich fauna, including migratory birds, the climatic constraints on the production of salt... the 4 elements essential to salt and life and to be able to go salting.

The Harvest

The Harvest

The harvesting of salt in gentle cadenced movements on late Summer afternoons can be the motto for an experience where simplicity establishes the connection to nature, to the salt marsh and to its traditions.

Sunset Tasting with Seafood and Wine

Sunset Tasting with Seafood and Wine

The exclusivity of a tasting with sea flavors, accompanied by a chilled and clear wine, always in the company of our Salt Master.


Jorge Raiado

Jorge Raiado

Jorge married into this tradition 12 years ago, effectively becoming part of the second generation to operate his company. But any ambition Raiado had to improve the product encountered a powerful foe. The salt-making process in Castro Marim is a natural one, he explains. “Nature is always wild and does whatever she wants.”

What's Included

What's Included

A guided tour of salt harvesting

A Tasting of different salts with seafood, vegetables and cheese

A Bottle of Premium Alvarinho White Wine

A bath in the salt tank (optional on request)


Extra bottle of wine


Private Experience



We recommend wearing comfortable, sporty footwear to avoid slipping and walking safely through the salt pans, and to bring a hat and water to drink during the first part of the visit.

Yes, depending on the day of the week, you can have shrimps or clams depending on market availability.

Yes, the tasting of the different salt varieties are accompanied with white wine.

Yes, it is absolutely recommended to inform us in advance about dietary restrictions in order to better manage the tasting according to your preferences.

Visiting the salt pans starting before sunset may be hot, especially in the summer months, so we recommend bringing water with you and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Yes, you may be invited to swim in the salt pans, so it is advisable to bring a swimming costume for the purpose.

Salt Harvest with Sunset Tasting of Seafood & Wine

Portugal· 4 hours