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How many local products are actually used in Algarve restaurants and hotels?

on February 23, 2019

This question was the starting point of an in-depth investigation conducted by the University of Algarve and the businesses association NERA during 2017.

The goal of the project was to increase synergies between local producers and hotels and restaurants in Algarve, promoting a more conscious and lasting partnership between local actors. The aim was also to reduce food imports for the tourism sector.

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The first step was to identify the status quo, answering this question: How many local products are restaurants and hotels actually using in their everyday activity?

Second step was to understand the reasons and constraints of the lack of collaboration, investigating  the sources of the problems. Is it related to the quality of the products? It’s about the food safety and processing of ingredients? Is it due to weaknesses of the logistic distribution system? Is it because of the price?

Third step was to put in place a web platform in the form of a Catalogue, to display all the local producers, products and pricing informations, in order to let the restaurants purchasing managers to place an order on-line or by calling the sales manager of the farmers/producers directly.

The online platform is now available here:


Use of local products in Algarve restaurants and hotels

Use of local products in Algarve restaurants and hotels









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