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The Cataplana Algarvia Project (free e-book)

on February 14, 2019

The Algarve Cataplana project was born out of the awarness that, even if this cooking utensil is the symbol of the region’s gastronomy, little is known about it, compared to other iconic utensils like the tajine or the wok.

To change this, Tertúlia Algarvia, the Algarve Tourism Board and the Algarve Promotion Bureau, joined forces to develop contents and promote experiences to encourage the use of the cataplana.

The results of this joint effort are now available on this website. Click here to check the calendar and join a cooking class to learn how to cook a real Cataplana in Algarve directly with the Chef of the restaurant!

If you are wondering where to buy the authentic copper Cataplana in Algarve, don’t miss a visit to the “Copper Shop” in Loulè, in Barbacã Street (Rua da Barbacã) a shop available by the council so that the artisans work together, create and sell their products on-site.

Where to buy a copper cataplana in Algarve

Where to buy a copper cataplana in Algarve

If you want to delve deeper in the ingredients and how it is cooked, Click here.  You will discover several videos of cataplana recipes being prepared by eight renowned chefs: Augusto Lima, Carlos Valente, Chagall, Frederico Lopes, Henrique Leandro, Justa Nobre, Lígia Santos, and Nuno Diniz.

These recipes are also included in the book ‘Cataplana Algarvia: Tradições e Recriações’, (Algarve Cataplana – Traditions and Reinterpretations), which contains more than 40 recipes. If you would like to cook them for your family and friends, you can download this publication for free here: The real Algarve Cataplana Book

Another way to get into the world of the cataplana is through the ‘Cataplana for all´experiential programs, which challenge you to do it your own and participate in a cooking class that culminates in a meal full of the flavours and aromas of the Algarve.

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